Professor Information

Welcome to the Professor Information website. You can use this website to:

  • View accommodations plans for your course(s) that have been assigned to your students.
  • Submit or confirm exams for students with accommodations to the Assessment Centre (for more information, please click here). Please note that we ask Professors to submit tests at least 48 hours before the student will be writing. Online submission will be closed to Professors 24 hours before the test.

Please click the courses or the accommodation letters link in the menu in order to get started. You will be asked to login using your school login.

Ryerson Campus Early Childhood Education Instructors - Online Test Submission is not available through this site as ECE students write their tests at the Ryerson Test Centre. Please continue to drop off tests to room 597 of the SHE building.

Instructors who teach Trent University courses at the Waterfront Campus - Online Test Submission is not available for these courses. Please continue to submit your tests either in person or through

Trent University programs - Are excluded from the online module. Accommodation letters are emailed out directly to the faculty member from the consultants.

Students are responsible for emailing their consultant each semester with their faculty’s information and consultants email the accommodation letter after receiving the information from the student and CC students on the emails.